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  • dennis sheaks

    I have signed up for a website service, homecoin, and I have NO IDEA what they offer!  Crazy, right?  I have looked all over their website, followed leads that led to more dungeons, but never to an answer as to what they do!  I realized I was at a dead end when I clicked on "How can homecoin help me", and it stated that it unbundles services of the commission-based RE-agent, but nowhere does it give details.  So, how much for just an MLS listing?

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  • Jon Minerick

    Hi Dennis,

    Thank you for your feedback. As of 12Jan2019, the MLS listing price is $95 in most areas. You can read more here:

    Note that on each page, we have a price list for all of our services. Just look for the section labeled "Pricing". 

    Please let us know if you have any further questions!


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